Volume 32, No.2, Fall/Winter 2013

From the Editor

Laura Huggins
Understanding the relationship between economic development, assimilation, and tribal culture is challenging. This issue begins to explore some of the connections.

Featured Articles

Justin B. Richland
Will economic growth in the 21st century erode or augment tribal culture?
Richard Wright
A First Nation in British Columbia in rewriting the rules.
Chief Shane Gottfriedson
First Nations are fighting for the same property rights that all Canadians enjoy
Te Maire Tau
Reinstating indigenous rights to own property and build an economy in New Zealand
Juliet Eilperin
The Oglala Sioux aim to reclaim their landscape and culture heritage


Randy Simmons
Unconventional Entrepreneurs of the Navajo Nation
Holly Fretwell
If You Build It, They Will Come and Upcycling in India


Terry Anderson
Restoring Indian Dignity
Daniel Benjamin
A cautionary tale of ozone regulation
Reed Watson
Preserving Property Rights in Iowa