Volume 30, No.1, Spring 2012

From the Editor

Laura Huggins
The intersection of environmentalism and entrepreneurship is a popular place these days.

Featured Articles

Shawn Regan
Pens from old-growth forests preserve the forest as well as its history.
James G. Workman
A savvy new breed of capitalist is using incentives such as mitigation credits to protect critical habitat and earn profits.
Reed Watson
Enviropreneur Brett Howell is developing a market for coral reef restoration off of Florida's coast.
Paul Schwennesen
GreenFaith combines free-market and faith-based principles on the environment.


Linda Platts
Fashion designers help rid New Zealand of 30 million destructive, non-native possums.
Linda Platts
Cell phones help remote farmers in India to maximize their profits at market.
G. Tracy Mehan III
Retooling the Endangered Species Act
William Maurer
Redevelopment agencies are thought to have abused eminent domain and violated private property rights.
Enviropreneurs grow protective foam packaging.


Daniel Benjamin
Just as the market brought the bison to near extinction, so too has it brought them back from the brink.
Terry Anderson
Luddites can thwart even the best enviropreneurs; they see solutions as problems.