Volume 29, No.3, Fall 2011

From the Editor

Laura Huggins
This special issue is dedicated to PERC’s Lone Mountain Fellows who are as impressive as Lone Mountain (featured on the cover), which towers over PERC at 11,166 feet.

Featured Articles

Jeff Bennett
The truth revealed: Environmental bluffs miss big picture
Matthew E. Kahn
Capitalism's creative solutions for a changing climate
Kurt Schnier
Can market forces balance efficiency-equity tradeoffs in marine fisheries?
Matthew Turner
New roads create more demand for driving
Brian Steed
"Green energy" generation is being curtailed, delayed, or prohibited due to competing environmental goals. For example wind turbines are killing endangered bats.


Linda Platts
Swiss company donates water purification systems in Kenya earns carbon credits in return, and makes a profit.
Linda Platts
Farming ocean fish in high-rises
Linda Platts
Micro finance offering loans to green business start-ups
Reed Watson
If you sue a federal agency and win, the US government will cover your attorney's fees and other litigation expenses.
Andrew Wilson
To keep the water running in LasVegas, recognize scarcity and let water rates rise-- double or even triple. Encourage homeowners to trade water rights. Let the market determine how much water people use, not the water police.


A Solution in Search of a problem


Daniel Benjamin
Property rights are essential for market exchange. The definition of those rights, their enforcement, and their transferability all help determine the extent of trade and the rate of economic development and wealth creation.
Terry Anderson
If you are in favor of economic growth, free markets, and less government, join the Green Tea Party and support Kermit the Frog for president.