Volume 26, No.2, Summer 2008

Featured Articles

Martin Hostettler
Forests guard villages from avalanches and other natural disasters
Experimentation offers hope for future forest health
The Forest Service cannot take responsibility for its neighbors
Brandeth family protects nearly 30,000 acres for 157 years
Fires of 1988 serve as a wake-up call for better forest management


Linda Platts
In Delaware, a waste disposal operation has transformed an underwater desert into a marine oasis.
Carol Ferrie
Of course I wanted to make the environment better. Doesn’t everybody?
Linda Platts
EBay still generates more revenue, but 1-800-Got-Junk is no slouch, with 300 locations in four countries and expected revenues of $150 million this year.
Linda Platts
A 10-acre parcel of tall-grass prairie near Peoria, Ill., was just an afterthought for owners Jerry and Teri Whitledge. The couple operates ten retail stores called The Flower Shop and is a major Illinois wholesale distributor of bedding plants and perennials.


Terry Anderson
The drive to be greener than others begs two questions. Why is everyone so green here and now, and what really constitutes being green?
Daniel Benjamin
Automobiles are responsible for most of the air pollution observed in Mexico City.

Web Exclusives

Roger Sedjo
Excess forest fuels could launch a viable wood biofuel industry
Robert Nelson
Federal fire management goes local