Volume 25, No.2, Summer 2007

Featured Articles

Chesapeake Bay orthodoxy needs a reality check
Jeff Bennett
Australia's perpetual drought and increasing demands for water prompt policy change
Partnerships benefit Northwest Fisheries
Brandon Scarborough
Water marketing for environmental flows gains momentum
Jane Shaw
Experience with water leasing reaps success stories for TU


Ideas travel far and fastI read with interest, as usual, the Spring edition of PERC Reports, I remember the book very well, and not only that, it seems to me that we may have one of the first quotations of the book in an article in Spanish.
Linda Platts
By now, most of us have heard that using vegetable oil to run diesel engine cars is the clean way to drive—reducing carbon emissions.
 Compiled by Timothy M. Cranston


Daniel Benjamin
Can beliefs about fundamental social institutions such as the market system, change? If so, what can cause such changes? Even if one replies "yes" to the first question discerning an answer to the second has been an elusive goal for social scientists.
Terry Anderson
 Not surprisingly, global warming is getting the blame for drought conditions in many