Volume 23, No.4, Winter 2005

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By Brijesh Nalinakumari & Richard MacLean
Carol Ferrie
By Carol Ferrie


Linda Platts
African elephants are not only majestic animals, but also cropraiding nuisances, endangering human lives and livelihoods. Conservation groups have determined that in order to protect elephants it is necessary to protect the people who are sharing the land with them.
Linda Platts
Typically in the past, rural and suburban landowners had no trouble taking care of their seasonal accumulations of brush, branches, dead leaves, and other organic debris. They piled it in the backyard and set it alight.
Linda Platts
In a 100-acre Iowa farm field, hemmed in by electrical fencing, 2,000 pigs are contentedly doing whatever pigs do. The farmer who owns them, Paul Willis, refers to them as his "free-range" pigs.
Linda Platts
What is the world coming to when Diane Von Furstenberg, Halston, and Oscar de la Renta are using materials made from wood pulp, bamboo, corn fiber, and Japanese leaves that contain anti-allergens.


Daniel Benjamin
By Daniel K. Benjamin
Terry Anderson
By Terry L. Anderson