Volume 21, No.2, Summer 2003

Featured Articles

Bruce Selyem doesn't just photograph old grain elevators, he also saves them.
The federal government pours cash into the Columbia basin, but what fish really need is water.
Dominic Parker
Private land trusts generally are prudent stewards, but tax advantages can sway their decisions.
Gary Libecap
The benefits of ethanol are largely a myth, but its political life is nothing short of miraculous.


Linda Platts
Surrounded by the magnificent blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, Santa Cruz Island, just 25 miles west of Santa Barbara, is the scene of a life-and-death drama that pits feral pigs against the dainty island fox.
Linda Platts
Salt deposits can destroy farm land, but at long last, one scientist has found a crop that will tolerate irrigation by sea water.
Linda Platts
A great meal for many Americans is a Butterball turkey. A great deal for ConAgra, the company producing Butterballs, is to turn all its turkey waste into marketable products.
Linda Platts
Cabela's, one of the world's largest outfitting companies, is shedding new light on its indoor facilities.


Daniel Benjamin
A study of Wyoming oil drilling reveals that regulatory costs are higher on federal land.