Volume 20, No.1, Spring 2002


Not the private sector, not the state of Florida. Rather, the people who are supposed to restore it.
Matt Ridley
Under the name of environmental policy, the British government robs the rights of landowners.
PERC REPORTS interviews Colorado school teacher Marc Johnson about his students' property-rights drama.


Daniel Benjamin
Benjamin. Daniel K. Benjamin reports that economists have come up with persuasive evidence that free trade reduces pollution.


Linda Platts
On a hot summer's day, you can't beat a tall glass of ice water to cool things off. In the far northern regions of Canada, the people of Nunavut are hoping that a glass of iceberg water might be even better.
Linda Platts
In Brazil, some of the country's most notorious wildlife poachers have
Linda Platts
As energy efficiency has become a top priority for many companies, cogenera
Linda Platts
Flower power has taken on a new meaning in western Australia.