Volume 18, No.3, Fall 2000

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Indur Goklany
By Indur M. Goklany
Donald Leal
By Donald R. Leal


Linda Platts
The chattering, white-faced Mono Ti Ti monkey is rapidly disappearing from its jungle habitat along Costa Rica's Pacific coast.
Linda Platts
The demand for parking spaces could not keep pace with supply at fast-growing Dominican University in River Forest, Ill. School administrators were faced with paving over more lawns and in the process taking out 25 to 30 mature shade trees.
Linda Platts
Federal land management agencies are increasingly receptive to innovative partnerships that can help share the burden of managing millions of acres of public land.
Linda Platts
The fires that scorched millions of acres across the West this summer have left many people wondering how to prevent further devastation in summers to come.
Linda Platts
Georgia catfish farmers are homing in on a new cash crop that will allow them to operate two businesses for the price of one, almost. It will also help them meet Georgia clean water standards for discharges from their fish tanks.


Daniel Benjamin
Politics, Costs, And Species