Volume 18, No.2, Summer 2000

Featured Articles

By Ronald D. Utt
Donald Leal
Breaking the suburban mold.
A portfolio of ideas for forward-looking regulators.


Linda Platts
Tractor parts made from soybeans and picnic tables made from the kenaf plant are just a few of the products that use natural fibers to replace more conventional materials. They are proving to be more durable, lighter in weight, and priced right.
Linda Platts
From Bali to Las Vegas, a new method for treating wastewater is producing clean water as well as lush gardens.
Linda Platts
For years, dikes have held back the salty waters at Long Beach, Washington, to create pastureland for horses and cattle. Now the tide has turned, and the dikes are coming down to create high quality intertidal wetlands.
Linda Platts
The transition from muck farm to nature-based resort has been a rocky road for Florida's St. Johns River Water Management District.
Linda Platts
A small group of scientists and philanthropists have personally contributed enough money to finalize the creation of a bioreserve on the Caribbean island of Dominica.


Daniel Benjamin
By Daniel K. Benjamin Given the racket that people raise over airport noise, one would think that the social benefits of  regulating airport noise must be great.