Volume 17, No.4, Winter 1999

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By Allen Fitzsimmons
One technique proposed for
Bruce Yandle
By Bruce Yandle


Linda Platts
In Brazil's Atlantic coastal forest, farmers are finding they can make more money by protecting the trees than from agriculture. The golden lion tamarin, a rare monkey, makes its home in this forest and attracts ecotourists from around the world.
Linda Platts
Dow Chemical Company and a group of environmental activists have completed a two-year collaborative project to cut the production of toxic chemicals and reduce their release into the air and water.
Linda Platts
The Nature Conservancy, well known for protecting habitat for threatened plants and animals, is taking a fresh look at ways to fulfill its mission. Surprisingly, gas drilling on one of its preserves seems to make a lot of sense right now.
Linda Platts
The sight of 600 cattle crammed onto an acre of ground might cause even a certified urbanite to wonder about the quality of land management. But according to Land Renewal, Inc.
Linda Platts
While there has been no lack of news coverage on the sad state of our national parks, there is still not enough money to shore up the buildings and patch the roads.


Daniel Benjamin
By Daniel K. Benjamin EPA cleanups of superfund sites cost an average of $12 billion for every cancer case prevented.