Volume 17, No.3, Fall 1999

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Pierre Desrochers
By Pierre Desrochers
By Jonathan H. Adler
By Robert A. Thomas


Linda Platts
As more and more people move to the country, they are destroying the very thing that they came for wide open spaces. The once vast grasslands of Texas are succumbing to strip malls and ranchettes.
Linda Platts
The Navajo Reservation that sprawls across the starkly beautiful landscape of northern Arizona and New Mexico attracts thousands of tourists every year.
Linda Platts
Harvest of Savings
Linda Platts
On the island of Hawaii, cold water pumped from 2,000 feet beneath the ocean's surface is creating ideal conditions for agriculture and ocean farming. In 1974, the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii began research into cold water technology.
Linda Platts
An accountant with a Washington State paper mill was the unlikely inspiration for a new process to produce recycled newsprint.


Daniel Benjamin
By Daniel K. Benjamin Now we know what a decade of quotas on Japanese cars cost consumers.