David Hoffman is currently developing a company devoted to measuring air quality in the Bozeman and Salt Lake City areas based on a network of optical sensors. He is also an embedded systems and firmware consultant with the Utah Strategic Innovation Group.
J.M. Ornstein is the managing director of J.M.ORNSTEIN, a UK based clean technology commercialization firm, where he structures breakthrough clean energy and clean tech companies, often originating with university lab technology. Mr.
Katherine Hamilton is a consultant specializing in environmental markets and innovative investment in conservation. In this capacity, she is currently a Strategic Advisor for the Governors Climate Task Force.
Jazmin Varela currently works at The Conservation Fund where she provides mapping and analysis support for their strategic conservation work.
Derek Van Marter is an impartial facilitator and has actively led collaborative decision-making among various interests for over fifteen years.
As a marine official for WWF in Ecuador, Fred Sondheimer works with a variety of fisheries, ranging from international industrial enterprises to coastal artisanal communities, to help ensure that these extractive activities work in harmony with the marine ecosystems on wh
Jennifer Pahl is an ecologist with Corblu Ecology Group, LLC in Lawrenceville, Georgia working on a range of environmental restoration and conservation projects.
Heather Bergerud Nix joined the Upstate Forever staff in 2007 and is the Director of the Clean Air & Water Program, where she leads a variety of advocacy and outreach efforts.
Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu is a leading social entrepreneur and Executive Director of The Smallholders Foundation, a social development organization based in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
Rachel Holmes is an urban forester working for Groundwork Bridgeport, a non-profit based in Bridgeport, Connecticut dedicated to improving the lives of residents through community-based landscape restoration.
Danielle Nicholas is Founder and Manager of Eagle Ridge Ranch Beef, LLC, a grassfed beef business focusing on supplying exceptionally high-quality, sustainably-raised beef to Southwestern Montana and beyond. Nicholas is interested in promoting the complex taste
Aaron Citron is a Policy Analyst for Environmental Defense Fund’s Colorado River Project based in Boulder, Colorado. His work is focused on agricultural water use, conservation and efficiency, and interstate water management.
Jorge David Chapas Muralles is from Guatemala and he graduated as a agronomist focus on renewable natural resources.
Jennifer Boyer is the director of Future West in Bozeman, Montana.
Sarah Bellos is president of Stony Creek Colors, a natural colorants company working to connect U.S. farmers to industrial colorant markets.