Kelly L. Westover received her Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of South Florida in 2001.
William Sellers IV is the founder and managing partner of Atlantic Timber Advisors, a consulting firm serving timberland landowners and investors. Will’s involvement in the timber industry stems from timberland that his family has owned for over a century.
Stephanie Secomb is Policy and Strategy Coordinator for the Fundación Natura Bolivia, a non-profit organization specializing in the development of economic incentives to conserve critical ecosystems and improve local livelihoods in sub-tropical Bolivia.
Pat Sadler is a forester with WoodWise Land Company LLC in Rochester New York. WoodWise is a privately held timberland investment group, which focuses on northern hardwoods, with 12,000 acres currently in management.
Michael Robertson has over twenty five years of management and investment experience in natural resources, investment firms and the environmental technologies sectors.
Andrea Nogués coordinates the Sustainable Grazing Strategy, an key component of the Nature Conservancy’s recently launched Patagonian Grasslands of Argentina Conservation Project, which aims to effectively conserve the Southern Temperate Grasslands.
Leslie P. King, is a physician and public health practitioner interested in the impact of the environment on human health, specifically in framing climate change as a humanitarian issue.
Brad Hunter is currently an MBA candidate at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School. The past summer was spent with GE Capital looking at opportunities to integrate carbon finance into traditional timberland lending.
Lucy Roberts Henry is an editor for American Journal Experts, reviewing papers written by foreign scientists who are seeking publication in English-language journals. Her focus is on agriculture and the environment.
MaryKate Hanlon, Manager, Sustainability, Research, & Communications, is part of New Forests' investor services team and works across sustainability, policy and market research, and corporate communications functions.
Sarah Fitzgerald, as a native of the Big Sky state, has a high level of commitment to help Montana grow economically, while keeping in constant consideration the ecological and cultural/social treasures of the “last best place.” Sarah recently graduated from the Universit
Andy works to restore streamflows to creeks and rivers in Western Montana. He partners with water right holders and irrigation groups on projects that benefit both fish and farmers.
Peter Dykstra is a lawyer with a practice focused on water rights, conservation real estate transactions, natural resources policy, and government relations at Plauche & Carr LLP.
Zoë Carlson is currently pursuing her Master’s of Environmental Science and Management at the Bren School. Through the Eco-entrepreneurship program she is developing a business that applies financial mechanisms to groundwater management.
Zach Anderson is a recent graduate of the MBA program at Portland State University, where he focused on addressing business challenges through sustainability initiatives.
Paul Schwennesen is the Owner of Double Check Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. He has written and spoken extensively on free market environmentalism and agricultural policy in venues as disparate as FOX news, American Spectator, The Freeman and The Huffington Post. Mr.