Todd Gartner is a Senior Associate for the World Resources Institute’s People and Ecosystem Program.
Nicole (Nikki) White is a Manager at Hitachi Consulting. She provides environmental and sustainability technical support for various government and corporate clients over the last 14 years.
Patrick Shannon is currently the CFO of PeachTree Real Estate Partners, LLC. He co-founded this company to explore his interests in architectural design, science, and engineering with the goal of building and selling sustainable high density urban housing.
Stephanie Romañach completed her MA and then PhD (2003) in Ecology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She had previously earned a BS in Zoology from the University of Florida in 1998.
Amanda Karns is the Land Protection Specialist for The Nature Conservancy in Pennsylvania. In this role Amanda works with landowners to protect important resources for biodiversity through acquisition of land and conservation
Teresa Platt is currently the owner of 24/7 Policy and Communications, which specializes in "production p.r."— public relations work focusing on food and fiber production, a complement to marketing programs which focus on the benefits of the end products. In the past, Ter
Alexandra Michalko is a native Californian, born and raised in the Bay Area. She graduated from Stanford University in 2003 with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Italian.
Fletcher is an Episcopal priest and Executive Directorat GreenFaith. GreenFaith is a national, interfaith environmental organization that conducts education and advocacy, and provides sustainability services, to faith-based groups.
Matt Stein is currently working on a project to transform a brownfield/superfund site in his home town of Portland, OR into a renewable energy focused industrial business park.  In conjunction with this venture, he is working with an existing company to acquire used wind
Joe is founder of the Green Burial Council and CEO of the recently launched Green Burial Council International. He also provides consultancy for the purpose of creating private/family conservation burial grounds.
Gabriela is a Guatemalan lawyer with a masters degree in Environmental Law from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Gijsbert Nollen is a Principal Consultant for ICE BV. Gijsbert holds a Masters in Law from Leiden University and now focuses on project management and development as his professional specialty.
Brad is originally from California where he worked in public finance, corporate real estate, international project management and regulatory affairs.
Charles was born in the late 60’s as Pink Floyd topped the charts and television became colourised.  He grew up in the rural Cotswolds of England, has one sister – Sarah – and after a childhood dominated by sport, drew interest in environmental matters during his teen sch
Carrie Ginnane works in the fundraising department of The Nature Conservancy’s Hawaii Program, and serves food at an Egyptian restaurant at night.