As Chief Conservation Officer, Eric Schwaab provides strategic vision and leadership for the National Aquarium’s Conservation and Science Division, a team of 130 professionals, engaging in initiatives ranging from field conservation and biological programs to legisla
Lindsay recently graduated from St. Cloud University in St. Cloud, Minn., with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Travel and Tourism.
James Lucas, a professional forester in British Columbia, is currently completing a Masters in Forestry at Yale University. With six years ofexperience in the forest industry, James is interested in how free-market tools
Christian Henry comes to KCI after spending five years living on a remote island in The Bahamas co-founding a school and research institute.  He graduated from Swarthmore College in 1996 with a B.A.
General Manager Fjölver Ltd. Laboratory from 1999, laboratory chemist at Fjölver from 1994 1999. Board member of Environmental Committee of the Independence Party from 1997. Board member of Andríki from 1995, a non-profit public policy think tank, in Reykjavik.
With more than a decade of senior non-governmental organization (NGO) experience, primarily in education, Mr.
Sergei specializes in hydroecosystems, water resources management and hydrobiology of urbanizing territories.
Briana grew up in the wooded hills of northeastern Iowa on the banks of a muddy, meandering river. Since childhood she has sought to understand the nature of humanity’s relationship to the natural environment.
Sara received a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College and is a graduate of American Film Institute with a M.F.A. in Screenwriting. Her films and videos have screened at Sundance, PBS, MTV and festivals around the world, garnering numerous awards.
Joy was recently accepted to the University of Oregon Graduate School of Architecture where she will study Sustainable Design.  With a bachelor’s degree in Architecture Design from Clemson University, Joy has worked, most recently in Miami Beach, Florida, in many differen
Diane Katz is Director of Science, Environment and Technology Policy for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Prior to joining the center, Ms.
Conservation is the cornerstone to my ambition and career goals.  Protection of natural resources through planned management has guided me through the investigation of many environmental problems.  I have conducted natural resource management for the National Park Service
Kate Bonzon has a background in marine conservation and fisheries management, focusing on the interface between science and policy.  Working in both the non-profit and private industries, she is dedicated to responsible use of marine resources and production of sustainabl
Nate Anderson has varied professional experience in conservation, education and forestry, most recently working as a forest land specialist for Long View Forest Management in Charlestown, NH, and as an instructor and program coordinator for the Student Conservation Associ
Samuel S. Nugent is the co-founder and Director of Marketing for The Remediators Inc., a soils remediation company located in Port Angeles, Wash. Nugent was a 2003 fellow of PERC’s environmental entrepreneurship course.