National Park Centennial

National Park Centennial Vintage Park Poster
As the National Park Service turns 100, creative solutions and responsible policies are needed. This special issue of our magazine is devoted to exploring some of those ideas.
Breaking the Backlog: Deferred Maintenance in our National Parks
This year, the National Park Service will celebrate its 100-year anniversary with an $11.9 billion backlog in deferred maintenance projects. We explore seven ideas to address the problem as the agency prepares to enter its second century.
Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks
Americans should take a moment to consider how they can ensure the health of their national treasure for many generations to come.
 South Rim of Grand Canyons National Par. Photo courtesy of M. Quinn and the National Park Service.
We should do more than celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. We should ask serious questions about how to improve our national parks.
 Al Runte Holly Fretwell National Parks

National Parks in the 21st Century
Do you visit national parks for the monumental value or for their ecological value? Can they be the same and how can we manage to keep our parks operating well into the 21st century? Join Alfred Runte and Holly Fretwell for a conversation on national parks. (VIDEO) 

 Mount Katahdin Maine Woods National Park

Can the National Park Service Capitalize on its Brand?
A park franchise model could help create a new national park in the North Woods of Maine.

Are National Parks More Popular Than Ever?
Park visitors can play an important role in funding our parks.

 Yellowstone National Park geyser

Myth: Taxpayers Should Not Pay National Parks Fees
Fact: Our national parks are chronically underfunded and visitor fees provide critical, though currently insufficient, funding for park operations and maintenance.

bison photo courtesy of Neal Herbert and the National Park Service

The Bear, The Bison, and The Business of Yellowstone
Capturing the economic value of wildlife—for the benefit of wildlife.

Yellowstone's North Gate

How Free Market Environmentalism is Transforming Parks
Free market ideas can continue to make "America's best idea" even better.

 Road maintenance required near the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park

ThrowbackThurdsay: Paying to Play in National Parks
During National Park Week we celebrate the crown jewels of our country's landscape. Allowing parks to charge and retain visitor fees helps to keep these gems polished.



PERC Thoughts: Why We Care About Our National Parks
This week the National Park Service celebrates National Park Week. As America continues to honor our parks, it's important that we ask serious questions regarding the $12 billion maintenance backlog, so we can continue to explore and enjoy our national parks in the future. 

Isle Royale wolf inspects moose carcass, photo courtesy of Dr. Rolf Peterson
The park's wolf woes spur bigger questions of managing wilderness.
Rudyard Kipling’s story of a wolf foster mother may seem pretty far-fetched, but recent studies have shown that gray wolves really will foster orphaned pups.