Lone Mountain, How To Apply

How to apply

Complete the online application, which will require the following:

  • Resume/vita
  • A brief budget statement related to your proposal.
  • A short (2-3 page) research proposal summarizing the work to be undertaken while at PERC
  • Individuals who are at a relatively early stage of their career (e.g., untenured faculty or journalists in the first five years of their career) should have a senior participant in the field write a letter of recommendation on their behalf.

Applicants should pay particular attention to the substance of their proposal, ensuring that it is sufficiently specific to be evaluated on its merits; written in a manner that reviewers from different disciplines will be able to appreciate; and consistent with the mission and activities of PERC.

Who should apply?

Lone Mountain Fellowships are offered to scholars, journalists, policy-makers, and environmentalists who are interested in undertaking a project of their choice that advances our understanding of the role of markets and property rights in protecting and enhancing environmental resources.

PERC also offers a work atmosphere particularly appealing to individuals who are careful thinkers and who have an ability to communicate with non-technical audiences, a good sense of humor, and a strong compassion for humanity.

What's in it for you?

  • Networking with leaders in the field of free market environmentalism;
  • Office space and office support;
  • A congenial, stimulating work environment in a locale of unparalleled natural beauty; and
  • An ample stipend that will vary with the nature of the work, duration of residence at PERC, and the Fellow's qualifications.

Applications will open in mid-January 2018. Please check back then.