PERC offers a wide range of fellowships. The overarching goals of the various fellowships are to:

  • expose new scholars, students, environmental entrepreneurs, journalists, and policy makers to free market environmentalism,
  • allow scholars already familiar with free market environmentalism to find new applications, and
  • generate research output, which can be published in various venues to help further demonstrate how property rights and markets are working to provide environmental quality.



Julian Simon Fellowships 
One of the nation's most prestigious opportunities for senior scholars to develop policy-oriented research on natural resource and environmental conservation.



Lone Mountain Fellowships 
A unique opportunity for scholars, journalists, and policy makers to explore the role of property rights and markets in environmental stewardship.



Graduate Fellowships 
A research opportunity for graduate students and law students researching issues related to natural resources and the environment.
Application deadline: March 1st


Impact Fellowships  
A professional development program for grad students and post-docs interested in the practical and policy relevance of academic research. Impact Fellows will help ensure the ideas of free market environmentalism have a deep and lasting impact.
Application deadline: March 20th

Enviropreneur Institute
The mission of the Enviropreneur Institute is to provide the skills, training, and experiences necessary for environmental entrepreneurs, or "enviropreneurs," to successfully apply property rights, contracts, and markets to enhance environmental assets.
Application deadline: April 3rd

E.L. Wiegand Storytellers in Residence
Journalists, artists, filmmakers, and other storytellers are spend a week or more in residence and conduct at least one workshop on their craft for PERC staff and visiting fellows.