Lessons Learned in Rights-Based Fisheries Management

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PERC's latest workshop begins today on the lessons learned in rights-based fisheries management. Fisheries experts from around the world have arrived to discuss the most recent research being conducted on rights-based approaches to fisheries management -- approaches that have proven to halt, or even reverse, the global trends toward overfishing.

For the past few decades, PERC's Donald Leal has researched and written extensively on the topic of property rights to fisheries. He will co-direct, along with Kurt Schnier, the latest workshop. Don described the impact PERC has made promoting rights-based fisheries management in a recent video documentary:

Rights-based fisheries management has become a hot topic lately. Congress recently prohibited the creation of new catch share programs in the United States. Don Leal writes on the recent legislation here. Catch shares are the very rights-based programs that have encouraged stewardship of marine resources and saved many fisheries from collapse.
Shawn Regan is a research fellow and PERC and the director of outreach and publications. He holds a M.S. in Applied Economics from Montana State University and degrees in economics and environmental science from Berry College. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Quartz, High Country News, National Review, Reason, Regulation, Grist...
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