All the Rage on Campus

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by Jane S. Shaw

On campuses across the country, sustainability is hot. Writing on the National Association of Scholars site, Ashley Thorne reports on her visit to the "sustainability open house" at Princeton. Somewhat bemused, she investigates trash sculptures, trayless eating, personalized beer cups (so you don't throw them away each time you have a beer), and competition with Yale (to reduce carbon dioxide emissions).

In fact, Thorne and her colleague Peter Wood have been writing a lot about sustainability. As she says on the blog post:

I’m wary of how the sustainability movement has positioned itself as higher education’s new raison d’être.
So am I.
Before joining PERC, Jane Shaw was a journalist who had developed an uneasy feeling that much of the commentary about environmental policy that she read--and even some that she wrote--was tilted in the wrong direction. The usual solution to an environmental problem was to turn it over to the government. She had become uncomfortable with this...
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