Silent Spring at 50

The False Crises of Rachel Carson


Widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement when published 50 years ago, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring had a profound impact on our society. As an iconic work, the book has often been shielded from critical inquiry, but this landmark anniversary provides an excellent opportunity to reassess its legacy and influence.

Roger Meiners, editor and author of Silent Spring at 50: The False Crises of Rachel Carson, discusses the implications of Rachel Carson's work on the John Batchelor Show.


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The John Batchelor Show
 An economist and lawyer, Roger Meiners defends the superiority of the common law--legal traditions developed through the courts--over federal regulation. In his view, the success of markets is intertwined with the common laws strong protection for property rights. Common law protects the environment by allowing individuals to take action against...
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