The Montana Ethic: Free Market Environmentalism

Saturday, April 13, 2013

At the heart of the Montana ethic is honoring one another's rights to land, to water, and to wildlife.

As part of the Montana Ethic Project, PERC senior fellow Terry Anderson explains how his Montana roots led to the development of free market environmentalism, which is about finding a way to respect one another's rights and then cooperate. This means relying more on individual decision making, on property rights, and on people engaging in trade.

By replacing conflict with cooperation, free market environmentalism can help us work together for a Montana we can all be proud of and allow us to go into the future as the Treasure State and Big Sky Country all at one time.

The Montana Ethic Project is an online video series exploring the Montana Ethic. Created by PERC alum Zack Rogala, and featuring 34 presentations from leaders in business, academia, policy, and politics, the video series lives at Last Best News.

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The Montana Ethic Project
Terry L. Anderson is a senior fellow at PERC and the former President and Executive Director of PERC as well as the John and Jean De Nault Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. His research helped launch the idea of free market environmentalism and has prompted public debate over the proper role of government in managing...
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