FME: Exploring the Tough Questions

PERC Workshop IV

PERC Office
Bozeman, MT
July 19–23, 2010
Directed by H. Spencer Banzhaf


This workshop, "The Tough Questions for Free Market Environmentalism:," brings together long-time PERC scholars with younger scholars who are new to Free Market Environmentalism, or perhaps skeptical. They will discuss the strengths of FME as well as its potential limitations. Topics include the trade-offs between local and centralized control, possible free-market solutions for large-scale problems such as climate change, and how liability and torts could be used as an incentive to prevent environmental damages.

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H. Spencer Banzhaf is Professor of Economics at Georgia State University and a Research Associate in the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). His research focuses on environmental economics and policy analysis. More narrowly, much of his work examines the interactions between local environmental amenities, local real estate markets, and...
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