Environmental Entrepreneurship

Markets Meet the Environment in Unexpected Places


In this innovative book, Laura E. Huggins finds path breaking entrepreneurial solutions to difficult environmental challenges in some of the world’s poorest areas.

The approaches entrepreneurs are taking to these challenges involve establishing property rights and encouraging market exchange. From beehives to barbed wire, these tools are creating positive incentives and promoting both economic development and environmental improvements. The case studies are from the developing world and reveal where the biggest victories for less poverty and more conservation can be won. The pursuit begins by learning from local people solving local problems.

Environmental Entrepreneurship encourages a broad audience to consider secure property rights and free markets as key ingredients to moving out of poverty and improving environmental quality at the same time. It will appeal to academics and students of environmental studies, environmental economics, environmental policy, as well as international development and business. Entrepreneurs and environmental groups such as The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and The World Resources Institute will also find a wealth of valuable information in this book.

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1. Markets Meet the Environment in Unexpected Places
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3. Fencing Fisheries in Namibia and Beyond
4. Ecosystems at Your Service in South America
5. The Thirsty Dragon
6. Un-American Indian Reservations and Resource Management with Terry Anderson

Huggins is a research fellow and former director of outreach with PERC as well as a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Her association with PERC goes back several years, although she has recently embarked on a new venture as the manager of economic initiatives for the American Prairie Reserve. Huggins coauthored with...
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