For all the hot air, little of substance on climate change in Presidential race

Excerpt from "For all the hot air, little of substance on climate change in Presidential race":

Some experts think it’s not so bad that the campaigns have pretty much ignored climate change. They say that good policymaking is hard in such a polarized environment. That’s the view of Dino Falaschetti, the executive director and an economist at Montana-based Property and Environment Research Center, a think tank that promotes a free-market approach to environment issues.

“You’d have to have the political support to implement the policy so you’d have to find the sweet spot between what is good economics and what is good politics,” Falaschetti says. “And that is frequently a very difficult sweet spot to find.”

So political polarization has kept climate change largely out of the presidential campaign. And given the huge chasm between Democrats and Republicans on the issue, it’s far from clear that climate will get much attention after the election, regardless of who wins on November sixth.

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